BSC: Balance Scorecard

CACECA: Management and Accounting Education Accreditation Council.

CACEI: Engineering Education Accreditation Council

CEA: Education and Training Center

CEDE: Student Development Center

CENEVAL: Higher Education Assessment National Center

CDM:  Curricular Development Coordinator

CNEIP: Psychology Education and Research National Council

CONACYT: Technology and Science National Council

CONPAB: National Council for Librarian Affairs

COPARMEX: Employer Confederation of Mexico

DAPA:  Student Academic and Personalized Development

DDC: Director of Curricula Development

DEI:  Director of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

EGEL: Undergraduate Alumni General Exam

EMPRESER: Mexico’s Empreser Model. It is a business incubation model certified by the Department of the Economy.

ESA:  Student Satisfaction Survey

IENAC: Northwestern Educational Institute, Civil Association

ILO: Institutional Learning Outcome

INFONAVIT: Workers’ National Housing Funding Institute

LAS: Bachelor’s Degree in Management Service

MIMA: Institutional Assessment Model

MR: Major recommendations

OPA:  Academic Operation

PDIP:  Faculty Holistic Development Program

PIA:  Academic Research Program

PII:  Institutional Research Program

PIIE: Educational Research Institutional Project

PTA:  Student Tutorial Program

RVOE:   Acknowledgment of Official Validity of Education

SEBS: Department of Education and Social Welfare

SEP: Department of Education

SERP: Professor Evaluation and Compensation System

SHCP:  Internal Revenue Service

SIN: Research National System

SME: Subject Matter Expert

SLO’s:  Student Learning Outcomes