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CETYS-WASC Operational Teams

Laura Carrillo de Anda: Chair and ALO, WASC Accreditation process
Standard 1 Alberto Gārate, Dean, College of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Teresita Higashi Full-time Faculty, College of Social Sciences & Humanities, Mexicali Campus.
Luis Enrique Linares Full-time Faculty, Mexicali Campus and Coordinator of the Humanism Program.
Standard 2 Jorge Sosa, Faculty and Director of the Engineering School, Mexicali Campus.
Eduardo Diaz Full-time Faculty, and Coordinator of the Marketing Administration Program, Tijuana Campus.
Roberto Salas Director of the School of Engineering, Tijuana Campus
Standard 3 Carlos Gonzālez, Director of the Engineering School, Ensenada Campus.
Dāmaso Ruiz Full-time Faculty, Ensenada Campus
Maria Elena Preciado Director of Administration, Mexicali Campus
Marco Peņa Director of Information Technology, Mexicali Campus
Standard 4 Jorge Rocha, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Francisco Vélez Full-time Faculty, MBA Program
Carlos Castellanos Full-time faculty, School of Business, Mexicali campus