2011 E E Program Review


2010 Computer Science Engineering
Program Review_2010_ComputerScienceEngineering_rev030811.pdf


2010 Marketing Administration

Evidence 80 2011 EE ProgramReview 2010 _MarketingAdministration (English).pdf


2010 Industrial Engineering 

Program Review_2010_IndustrialEngineering_rev030811.pdf"


College of Engineering The 12 Program Review Components Methodology 2010

College of Engineering_The 12 Program Review Components Methodology_2010.pdf


College of Engineering Assessment Plan 2010-2011

College of Engineering_Assessment Plan_2010_2011.doc


EE 2011 Checklist Program Review Bachelor's in Business Administration

EE 2011 Bachelor's Business Administration.pdf



Program Review 2010 MBA

Program Review_2010_MBA.pdf